Review: The Boy with the Yellow Socks by: Jonathan Swift.

Stories of The Boy with the Yellow Socks

Author: Jonathan Swift

Release Date: January 11 2014

Publisher: SDJ Publishing

Format: E-book

Rating: 5 Stars!!!


A timely and original achievement, this collection of short stories tells in beautiful prose the early life of Jan Blixen, a boy growing up gay in Iowa. Alive with unforgettable characters that leap from the pages to introduce themselves, each of these stories is a small masterpiece that pulls the reader ever deeper into the life of a boy who refuses to allow abuse and bullying to defeat him. Jan Blixen rises, and as he does the reader will find themselves cheering him on, standing with him against all odds as he uses his greatest gift to survive…his gift of gentleness. 

My Thoughts:

Omg Wow! I REALLY like this book! First off I have to say the title of this book threw me off and I wasn’t sure about it. Didn’t know what to expect. However I must say I really enjoyed it and liked it so much! I really liked the way the similies and metaphors were written. I haven’t seen phrases, similies, metaphors, or whatever else you want to call them be written in the way this author does it! If I would have wrote down all of them that popped out to me, that struck me with imagery, that just spoke to me in a way that said wow, I would have at least a page of them. I really haven’t seen writing like this before. It was amazing! I can’t seem to get over how astonishing it is. I really enjoyed this entire book. It never got boring. I was constantly interested. If I had to pick a favorite I’d have to say that Glass of Chocolate Milk was my favorite. Although again it was all super good.

Final thoughts:

I will definitely be recommending this book to anyone and everyone. So if you read this review you should absolutely read this book! It won’t be time wasted. It will be really enjoyable. I can’t wait to read more of your work Jonathan Swift!! You have an amazing talent with words that should definitely continue to be shared with the world!

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