I’m horrible at social media

Hello. I know, I know I said I was back and then what do I do? Disappear again. I’m sorry I truly truly am. I suck at social media. I am on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, snapshot and I am trying, trying being the operative word here, to blog. The problem is you see I don’t know how to use social media or I think I don’t. I don’t believe anyone out there cares or wants to know what I think. Sometimes I don’t even know what to say or think. I have a pretty ordinary life. I’m married to the absolute best man I could have ever asked for. I have two beautiful daughters who are in elementary school and I work. We are currently helping out my mother in law, which you know from the last post if you read it. Nothing super exciting happens. Mostly I work and take care of my family. Reading has slowed down since the end of last year although I am still most definitely reading. I don’t post a lot on social media. I browse and scroll through and read what everyone else is posting and sharing. I like or heart the things I like. I repost what interests me but I don’t do a lot of original postings. I don’t think my life is that ¬†interesting. No one cares what I ate for lunch. No one cares that I am at work yet again. Everyone else does the same things I do. I tried to join this thing on instagram for March there’s one for April too where each day you take a picture of what the list says and you post it. For example April first, today, is April tbr piles. Tomorrow’s is currently reading. I tried really I did but I just couldn’t remember to take pics everyday and post them. Especially with my work schedule and everything else. I wish I was good at it I do. I just am not. How do you all find the time to post and how do you all make it look so easy.?? Is it really that easy? I would love to stay and talk more about this however, it’s work time so off I have to go. Thanks for reading if you do.

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