ARC Review: Deceiving the Groom by: Lisa Shadow


Deceiving the Groom

Author: Lisa Shadow

Release Date: April 18, 2015

 Rating: 4 stars

 I received the book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.


Claire arrives in Hopetown with one plan–con the ruthless magnate who tore her life apart. But Liam Channing does not appear to be the cold-hearted villain she has plotted to gleefully ruin. Revenge on the man who stole her family farm and rendered them destitute, should be reason enough for her fortitude of steel, especially when it’s her only shot at winning custody of her baby sister. Yet, somehow Liam has a way of reducing Claire’s defenses to fluff.

Unfortunately Claire’s nagging doubts do little to sway her cousin, Geoff, from their plan to con Liam Channing out of half his wealth. Geoff won’t let his prize go without drawing more than a little blood.

When Liam awakens with no memory of his drunken Vegas wedding, the con is on. But with love and loyalties warring, Claire must decide if she will take the final steps to destroy the man who has captured her heart.

~My Thoughts~

Usually when sitting down to write a review I know whether or not I like it or not. Well, that is not this time, I know I like it I just don’t know how much I like it. I have things that I liked and things that I don’t. So as I write I Will be sorting out those things and coming to find out just how much I like it.

My favorite character is definitely Claire. At first she is out for revenge but circumstances change and Claire has doubts. I like how she was all for revenge up until she learned more. She had standards and morals even if she had a mean streak and hey, Don’t we all?

Liam wasn’t bad himself. And props for taking in his niece.

It was a steady pace, very easy to read in just a sitting or two. Overall, I think I quite enjoyed it.

So maybe I did know how much I liked it. I just had to remind myself of all the reasons why I liked it. 😁

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