Review Tour His Name Is Killian by: Ella Adamian

Killian 1 cover

Erotic Romance
Date Published: November 25, 2014
Killian Stone paints harpies.
Killian Stone is not into vanilla sex.
Killian Stone suffers from mood swings.
Killian Stone has done something very bad.
The day the painter approaches her on the bridge and asks her to pose for him is the beginning of a lust Melissa won’t be able to bridle. When Killian Stone offers her a month of submission, she’s already too captivated to turn him down. His unhinged sexuality lets her explore her own dark fantasies, but his anger outbursts are scary and devastating. As the time goes by, Melissa realizes there’s something more than just irritability and anger. He has done something which doesn’t let him rest.

~My Thoughts~

I have mixed emotions about this one. There are times when this book was hard to read and I almost stopped. Then there are good times. I have never read a book that up on finishing it and taking time to process and yet still have no idea what I would rate it because I just don’t know. I have read a few erotica romance novels ever since discovering that I actually enjoy reading them but out of all of them this is by far the hardest one I have read. This book for me was almost too much. In fact at times it was to much and again I thought about putting the book aside and sayong I just can’t continue. In my mind there is vanilla sex and then there is kinky sex and then there is hard core kinky sex and then there is rape. There were a few times where I was nervous for Melissa. My perception at times where not that it was BDSM but rather rape. That was hard to take. I felt uncomfortable and like unease. Personally I don’t have and have never done BDSM so all my knowledge of it has been through reading. Now I could very well be wrong but I didnt like the fact that right when they start their BDSM relationship he gives her a collar. That would be something for me to work up towards. A collar to me represents what a ring on a married womans finger means so why would he all of a sudden very soon put a collar on Melissa if he doesn’t want a relationship and rather just sex.? It just wasn’t right for me. Another thing that puts me at unease is there was no talk of safe words. When you dont know someones limit there has to be some way to tell your partner whether it is okay or whether you would rather stop. He tells her she can just tell him to stop and he will but through the boom when she does he does not listen. He keeps on and on until she ggets mad and makes him listen. That isn’t what BDSM is about. That is more along the lines of rape. Melissa is an interesting character. I am not sure why she would put herself into some of the situations she put herself in Or why she goes in blindly. It doesn’t seem like she knows what BDSM but yet she agrees to it without doing any type of research or anything. Who does that? There are times when she is legitimately scared and yet she keeps going back for more. At times I wanted to just be like AAHHHH your are so stupid Melissa. I mean if you are truly scared and fearful why continue? I think a big reason I actually ended u reading this entire book is because I just had to see what happens. Killian well where do I start… I definitely didn’t like him. His moods were ever changing. Heywood go from this sweet loving caring guy to just this awful hateful mean vicious man who scared the living hell out of me. I wanted to know why. What made him that way? What happened to him? I wanted to know that is until I actually found out. Then ALL I could think was Oh MY GOD run away! That would have been what I did but instead Melissa runs right to him. STUPID!!! Of course there are consequences but I wont tell you what. This book for me was just too much leaning towards rape and abuse for my taste. Although the more I write and the more I think about it the less I like this book. It is definitely on the dark side. For me it just wasn’t right.

Ella Adamian
Ella Adamian lives in a small country named Armenia and writes in English. She also hides her identity, so that the local law enforcement bodies won’t fine or detain her for her explicit erotic novel “His Name is Killian.” Currently she’s working on the sequel of her first book.
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