DNF Review: Change of Heart by: Jeanne Bishop


Change of Heart

Author: Jeanne Bishop

Release Date: March 4, 2015

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press 

Format: E-ARC

Rating: 1 start (Dnf)


When her sister was murdered in cold blood some twenty-five years ago, along with her sister’s husband and their unborn child, Jeanne Bishop thought she could forgive the teenage killer and move on with her life. She became a public defender, an outspoken opponent of capital punishment, and a supporter of mandatory life sentences for juvenile killers. But all the while she never once spoke the name of her sister’s killer aloud, never once cared what had happened to him after he was convicted of the crime.

Over time she realized that God was asking more of her. Her responsibility as a Christian was not to simply tell herself that she’d forgiven the young man while secretly hoping he languished in prison the rest of his days. As Christians we have an obligation to work to reconcile with those who have harmed us.

“Change of Heart” is the story of this transformation, from someone who actively sought the killer’s imprisonment for the rest of his life to one who now visits him regularly in prison. It has not been an easy journey, and at times the personal cost has been high. But this change of heart has brought Bishop to a better understanding of what it means to be a person of faith.

~My Thoughts~

I wish I could have loved this book. It had so much potential be something great but for me it just wasn’t.


That one word describes this whole book. Jeanne’s path to forgiveness. This book started off alright but I kept putting it down. I would return to read some of it only to turn around and put it down again. I finally dnfed at 43%, almost half way. For me, the pacing was slow and by almost half way the only things that had happened was Jeanne giving speeches about forgiveness and not sending men to the death row. Jeanne’s sister is murdered and the struggle to forgive is real. I completely understand. Unfortunately, I know EXACTLY how she feels. I lost my oldest daughter’s dad a month and 14 days before she was born to murder. I know EXACTLY how Jeanne feels. Unlike Jeanne I knew the murderer who killed Brad, my daughter’s dad. I was asked by the prosecutor of I wanted to seek the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole. I chose life in prison without parole. Why? Why not? I ha my reasons but just like Jeanne I knew the death penalty wouldn’t bring Brad back and it would only cause more pain and grief for the murderers family. It wasn’t the rest of the families fault that he killed my daughter’s dad. But in my own way life in prison is more revenge then the death penalty. It is hard to explain without going into details but that is something I am Not going to do. Having this in common with Jeanne I really wanted this book to be great. I wanted to love it. However, after 43% and not getting anything out of it and flossing interest I decided to quit reading it. Maybe one day down the road I will pick it back up again and give it another try. Who knows?

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