My NTTBF trip!!!

This was my first event EVER!!

I had planned on going at least a month prior to the date. Was planning and saving money and making arrangements. Then everything changed. My husband instead of driving me had to work Saturday. I have anxiety and I am not talking a little anxiety like normal people. No. I am talking bad anxiety on medication for it and sometimes still it gets the better of me. I live in a small town, Paris Texas. I can travel the whole town on the loop in forty five minutes. The longest it should take you to get from one side of town to the other side of town is fifteen minutes. Therefore, traffic is NOTHING like it is in Dallas, Irving, Garland, Mesquite, none of them. I tried to get a couple of my friends to go with me but unfortunately the couple of friends I do have had to work and wasnt able to go. By Friday the day before I had cancelled my trip. I knew I wasnt going to be able to drive from Rockwall to Irving without completely freaking out and ending up on the side of the road needing to be rescued so I decided it wasn’t in the cards for me to go this year.

Low and behold Saturday morning my wonderful step-mom, aka Tracy, called and said she would take me and my dad would watch my girls. Say what?! Which also was going to help the sadness of the loss of our cat which I previously posted. It took me a couple hours to get everything ready and get on the road. The drive to their house was a little over two hours thanks to stop and go traffic for at least thirty minutes where during that time I never reached 10 miles a hour. Yes, ridiculous. AND I was already “late” cause I didn’t leave my house till 11:30. But I thought better late then never and at least I could make it for the authors signings.

So I finally arrive at my dad’s and Tracy and I are on our way. Yay!

I am going to give a special shout out to TRACY, my wonderful, awesome, step-mom or from here on out mom. She shares in my love for books but not necessarily YA books. She tends to like James Patterson and Danielle Steel. She knew how much I wanted to go though and she had never been to anything like that either so she took me. Isn’t that just AWESOME!?!

So we arrived at ten till four. Yes I know, I was VERY late but I still had the chance to meet some wonderful authors! The books I bought where:


Of course not all of them I wanted were still available due to my tardiness but hey I am glad I got the ones I did. So after buying the books off I went to get signatures and meet authors.

The first author I met was: Stephanie Perkins. I brought Anna and the French Kiss for her to sign and I got her to also sign My True Love Gave To Me.

20150307_165617 Awesomeness! She was so sweet and kind!

Next was David Levithan who also signed My True Love Gave To Me and also Hold Me Closer. 20150307_170327   He was funny.

Jenny Han: I really wanted her book To All The Boys I Have Loved Before however they were all sold but I had her sign My True Love Gave To Me. 20150307_165821.  She was also so sweet and Nice!                                             My last signature for the day was Ally Carter. She signed All Fall Down and also My True Love Gave To Me. 20150307_172409    She has the longest line the entire time. I am so glad I was able to see her and meet her. I have yet to read her work but am looking forward to diving into All Fall Down. Apparently, and according to her lines I am missing some awesome writing! Say What?!?

Seeing as this was my first event I am happy I ended up getting to go. I do know now though that next time I want to go from start to finish. I want to be there for everything! I feel like I missed so much and I missed getting to meet other bloggers and stuff which really would have made the experience that much more but hey. I live and learn and next time will be even better. I am extremely happy with what I did get out of the experience though and look forward to reading these lovely books! If you were able to go how was your time? I would love to hear from you and maybe next time we can meet up. Happy Reading!!

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