A sad loss……

A sad, sad loss for our family on Saturday March, 7th 2015

I am very sad to write this post but I feel like I need to.

Saturday morning I was woke up by my husband, Nick. He said, “Baby, Baby, please.” I jumped up and asked what was wrong cause he had tears in his eyes. He said, “Please, please, tell me that isn’t Eugene in the back yard.” I grabbed my jacket and slippers and immediately made a beeline for the back door out to the backyard. I saw poor, poor Eugene. Just laying there dead. I started balling! No, no, no she can’t be please no!!!! But it was her. This momma dog that got in our backyard had snapped her head backwards. I went back inside crying my eyes out and just hugged my husband who was crying as well. That was our baby but most of all that was my husband’s baby. We wrapped her up in a towel and hurried her in our backyard.

Eugene, or a lot of times we called her meow, came into Nicks life about 10 to 13 years ago. She showed up at his dad’s house and he didn’t want her so Nick took her to his out. He was running late for work so he pulled up to his house and just let her out in his yard. He thought well if she is there when he gets home then he will keep her. Guess what? She was. She was there waiting on him. He let her inside and has been his cat ever since. She never had had any babies so we assume she was fixed prior to him having her. She was a tough cat. Since he had her she had been run over, had a whole in the side of her neck about the size of a golf ball, been attacked by raccoons on a couple different occasions, been shot, and still she survived it all.

I came into her life 4 years ago. She was awesome. She didn’t use a cat litter box instead she would look up at us meow and walk to the door to be let out. Or the window depending on what room we were in because we let her in and out of our bedroom window too. She would go outside and do her business and whatever else she wanted to do outside and when she was ready she would knock on the window of whatever room we were in. I don’t know how she knew what room we were always in but she did. She would never claw the window and make that awful sound she could have made with her claws but she wouldn’t. She would just paw the window and we would open the door and she would come on in. Eugene and I would have conversations. She was so smart. I use to tell Nick all the time the cat and I talked and for the longest time he thought I was crazy and just making it up. However, I am glad he got to see at least one conversation between us before she passed and it made him a believer. I will miss our little talks for sure. I have never had a cat like Eugene and I won’t ever have another one like her.

However, what I will miss most is her cuddles. My husband doesn’t like to cuddle much. My kids are at that age where cuddling is becoming less and less as they grow up more so the cat was my cuddle buddy. She would rub her face on my chin and I would scratch and pet her and she would finally snuggle up to me and take a nap. I can’t believe my cuddle buddy is gone! I miss her so much!!! It isn’t the same in this house without her. During the day while the kids are at school and Nick is at work she would keep me company. Now during the day I am truly alone. I know she is in a better place but I can’t help but want to be stingy and still want her here with me.

20150222_082616  20150222_08253220150222_082604.  20150222_082231

I will miss her forever and always and I will ALWAYS love her. She had a really good life and it sucks it had to end so soon. 

R.I.P. Eugene, Meow!!

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