A Look Back at February


It’s that time already. Yes, another month has already passed. Wow, the time just flies! How was everyone’s February? Mine was great. I didn’t post as much this month but I had a lot of activities this month here at my house however I did manage to post some. In fact, 7 posts to be exact. First post was my Looking back at Janurary post:








The others as you can tell are book reviews. I had a great month reading books. I read a couple I have yet to write reviews on mainly because I have an idea and I have to read one more book before I can make my idea happen. That being said my reading goal on Goodreads for 2015 is to read 100 books. As of today I have read 17 so far. Not too bad eh? And as anyone with a passion for reading knows there are many more books to be read.

Other activities:

My other activities that happened in February that were celebrated are: My husband’s birthday. He turned 39. I made him a steak dinner with red velvet cake and he loved his presents. The same day as my husband’s birthday we had another reason to celebrate and so thus we did. And then last week my kids were lucky and got to stay home due to school cancellations most of the week. Did we just stay inside? Heck no, I bundled them up in warm clothing, two pairs of everything, and we went outside and made snow angels and had a snow ball fight. Did any of you play in the snow or let your kids play in the snow?

Well, that was my February and now I am looking forward to another month of amazing reading, more activities, and who knows what else will happen this month. You will just have to watch and see. Later!

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