6 Months Blogging Anniversary!!!


Wow!! I Cant Believe It! It has been 6 months already since I started blogging! Wow! And, what an amazing experience it has been so far!! I started blogging after I started following Kris at http://www.myfriendsarefiction.com/

By the way Kris 


If you are not following her already please, please do so. She helped me so much when I first started out. Answered all my questions and I just again Thank you so much!! Without your help I wouldn’t be here now and man what a blessing this is. Other bloggers have helped me as well. This community has just been great coming into and I can’t wait for more friendships to be made and those that are already made to be strengthened. I have enjoyed reading ALL my life. Now that doesn’t mean I have continuously read in fact for some years there I didn’t read. Was too busy to sit down with a good book. Now? I would rather sit down with a good book in my rocking chair and read while my husband watches t.v. and my kids play. Reading is my life. I go on so many different adventures without ever leaving the comforts of home. Who wouldn’t want that?

However, now instead of just reading I have made friends who share in my love for books. I have a couple friends who love to read but they don’t bask in it. They read a book and then go on to the next. Not that that is a problem except when I ask them what they think and all they can say is if they like it or not and I get some books are like that. Some books you like so much you can’t put into words everything you liked cause you just liked it so much but you guys. My friends I have made so far on this journey can say what they like about a book and what they don’t like. I guess a different way to say this would be to say that we pay attention to details. Plus number one of starting and maintaining my blog.

Now I don’t know about you guys but I know personally for me before I started blogging and even still to this day I had this idea, this notion in my head where Authors were like Actresses. Untouchable by someone like me. I put Authors on these pedestals and I thought I would never talk to any, meet any, definitely wouldn’t have a friendship with any of them. Wow! What was I thinking? Authors are people with feelings and emotions and they all have veins and blood and need oxygen to breathe. Still, I catch myself saying Oh My this author just talked to me. Say what? Crazy I know but that is definitely another plus. I never would have imagined that and now I talk to some authors and I am going to get to see some soon! What? Yes! Plus number 2&3

My ultimate goal when starting my blog was to be one of you special people who receives printed ARCs. That was my ultimate goal. I just know I will feel so special to get an ARC in the mail. I wanted to get books before my friends and I wanted to be able to voice what I liked or didn’t like about it. Now all the print ARCs I currently have I have won off giveaways. I did have one book sent to me via publisher, it was not an ARC but it was still really cool!! Thank you, Thank you!! But look, I am 6 Months old today so maybe now when I start requesting print ARCs my lucky stars will align and the odds will be in my favor. Who knows, fingers crossed. That will be plus 4. I do however get E-ARCs which I am very very grateful for and I will continue to be more than happy with those as my blogging quest continues!! That was plus 5. 

Before blogging I never kept track of what I read or what genre it belonged to. I still sometimes struggle with genres. Now, I get to keep track of what I have read and want to read. I get to learn all the genres and get a feel for my favorites which so far hasn’t been too hard to figure out. I get recommendations and get to give recommendations. I just can NOT believe what blogging has brought to my life. It has been an AMAZING, AWESOME 6 Months and I hope you will keep following me and recommend me to others so others can follow. 

Here’s to more blogging and more amazing, wonderful, great things to come!! CHEERS!!!! 

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