A look back at January


I am starting this new post where every month I take a look back at the previous one and all I have accomplished and I continue to look forward to bigger and brighter things.

Last month, January, was a good month. I had 136 views on my blog and 37 visitors. Thanks! I appreciate all who stop by. Drop a comment if you like. I try to comment back to everyone. I have 11 wordpress followers and 120 followers on Twitter. May I just say WOW!! I never thought that was possible! I posted 11 times last month. Woot Woot!!

11 posts are:











In case you missed them check email out! And last but not least the books I acquired in the last month.



Midnight Betrayal by: Melinda Leigh

Virgin by: Radhika Sanghani

Orphan Train by: Christina Baker Kline

Inanimate by: Megan Chance

Frostbite by: Amanda Hocking

Ignited by: J. Kenner

Elect by: Rachel Van Dyken

Unwound by: Lorelei James

Fever by: Maya Banks

Necropolis by: Danielle Trussoni

Bared to You by: Sylvia Day

For review:

Yellow Crocus by: Laila Ibrahim

Those are just my physical books. I have many more e-books I have acquired as well but am feeling lazy now so I am going to skip those. The only reading Challenge I decided to do this year is my goal of 100 books by the end of the year. I figured since I just started my blog five months ago I would start off with just one simple reading Challenge and then as my blog becomes older and I am more aware of what exactly I can accomplish then I would add challenges later. So far with my one goal I seem to be on track. I have read 8 books. Not to bad for January.

I hope February brings just as much fun to me and just as many good books. How did January treat you guys? My wish for you all is that each month is better to you then the last! Enjoy and Happy Reading!!

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