My New Years Resolutions!!

I believe people usually have their new years resolutions made before new years and I also had my new years resolutions made however being sick I haven’t shared mine yet so this may be a little late but better late then never right? Out of all my new years resolutions I made for 2014 I only kept 1. Yes that is right 1. However that is an improvement in itself considering prior years I couldn’t even remember my new years resolutions half way through the year. Any improvement is better then no improvement. With all that being said I have made this year’s resolutions a bit more attainable or at least I think I have.

1. Read as much as possible perferably at least 100 books.

2. Exercise and maintain a healthy body.

3. Eat healthier/cook more

4. Do NOT cut my hair (this is the only one I managed to keep last year. If I did it one year I can do it two)

5. Complain less, enjoy each moment as it is, more.

That should do it. I probably have thought of more but those are the ones I am most serious about and that are the most important to me. What are you guys’ new year resolutions??

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