I am SO Sorry for my absence

Hello there. Wow, it seems like it has been forever since I wrote a post. By all means I had intentions of posting more in the time I have been absent however it obviously didn’t happen. I had my oldest daughter’s birthday party on the 21st. She turned 7. I took her to Chuck E Cheese’s and she had a blast! Her favorite present was the Barbie car I got her. Made my heart overflow with happiness. That same day we picked up my mother in law. She flew in from California for the week of Christmas. I had a wonderful time with her. I just love her so so much!!! She is the best Mother In Law EVER!!!! However on top of all of that my whole household including my mother in law all got sick. I took my oldest to the doctor the day before Christmas eve cause she woke up screaming. She ended up having just an ear infection but while we were at the doctor she went ahead and got the flu mist spray up her nose. Then my youngest got sick Christmas Eve and spent that day, Christmas and the day after Christmas throwing everything up, running fever and just not doing good. So yeah you guessed it I then got sick then my mother in law caught it and then lastly my husband caught it. I believe it was the flu. I have never had the flu prior to this but I didn’t want to move, couldn’t keep any good down, it was bad, really bad. Yesterday was the first day I have felt remotely better so I spent the day deep cleaning my house. So again so sorry I took a long absence I promise it was not planned. However the good news is now I am back. I just have to get reorganize cause I couldn’t tell you what I got going on as far as what books I have lined up. I guess it is time to figure it out huh? Anyways, I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy, joyous new year. I’m so glad I am back.!

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