Review: Widow Walk by: Gerard Lasalle

Widow Walk

Author: Gerard Lasalle

Release Date: April 29, 2013

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press

Format: Hardcover via author (Thank you!)

Rating: 3 stars


In the early days of the American Pacific Northwest, small settlements dot the wilds of streams and dense woods. Isaac Evers, a community leader and former militiaman, has established a small colony on Whidbey Island. Though the area appears calmer than in the past, the northern indigenous clans still threaten the livelihood of Isaac’s growing family.

While Isaac is away on expeditions, his wife Emmy tends to the many duties required of a property owner on Whidbey Island. Bold and assertive, Emmy has little time for the restraint of social mores. But as times on the island become more turbulent, her constitution and conviction are tested.

Elsewhere, Haida native Anah-nawitka feels the rush of his first kill and the satisfying vengeance cast from his hand to the head of the invading white colonists. Basking in the praise from his tribemates, Anah starts down a violent path that will alter a great many lives.

Meanwhile, the British and the U.S. Army are quietly grinding against each other following a boundary dispute, leaving men like Captain George Edward Pickett in a tight situation. In charge of the nearby Union fort, Pickett does his best to maintain his authority while he struggles with tragic events in his past.

Weaving these story threads together into a powerful whole, Gerard LaSalle tells the story of an unforgettable American adventure.

~My Thoughts~

This was a book outside of my normal genre but I like to read all kinds of stuff and thought why not give it a try. I am actually glad that I did. It took me a little while to get it through my head that it wasn’t a history book and I didn’t have to make it out as study material for a test. Once I did get it through my head I was able to just read it and go with the story and that proved to be so much better. I don’t know why I was thinking the way I was well then again yes I do. Like I said I am not use to reading historical fiction and for me anything with history in it seems to make my brain switch to school focus where I am trying to remember everything I read and make sense of it for a test. In doing so it made the first bit of this book not so good for me. Not because it wasn’t good just because the frame of mind I was in. Once I was able to just let go of the school mentality and just read the book for fun it got a lot better. It was interesting reading something that far back in time but at the same time it was really cool. I couldn’t imagine living in a time like that. The struggles we have today are much easier struggles then what they had back then. No telephone so they wrote letters. I can only imagine what kind of problem that posed at times. When your village or a village gets attacked like in the book and yet no phone to call for help or warn surrounding people or villages. This book has a lot of death in it and a lot of beheading in it. It was interesting to read. I don’t really remember learning about a time like what is written in the book in history class. Not saying I didn’t learn it I could just not remember. I enjoyed the journey within the pages of this book. If you like historical fiction I suggest reading this book. You should read it and tell me what you think of it.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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