Happy Birthday to ME!!

Wow! I am yet another year older. Today I am now 27 and my how much stuff happened just within this past year. You know when we are younger and we are thinking about what we will be when we grow up. I never imagined my life to turn out how it has. I mean both the good and the bad, however I am happy with where my life is today. To have a wonderful, loving husband, two very beautiful daughters, a house of our own with all bills paid, food in my house I can cook and eat when hungry, heat to stay warm, water to drink and bathe in. But most importantly I am content with where my life is. This time last year a big ice storm came through and did a lot and I mean A LOT of damage to this town. A lot of us were without power for 4-5 days if not longer. I remember we were out of electricity for 4 days. Thank God our heater ran on gas we were able to heat our home but the fridge and stove were electric. I remember setting the milk and frozen stuff that we didn’t want to ruin right outside on our back steps and believe it or not it stayed good until the electricity came back on. We had candles and book lights for our light after dark. Our cell phones were dead. Roads were blocked off by big trees that had fallen over and the city could only work so many hours a day with so many workers. We had trees and limbs on curbs waiting to be picked up for months. It was crazy but you know what? We survived, pulled through and this year it’s cold but nowhere near as bad as it was. Grateful? ABSOLUTELY!! Then of course Christmas came and went just like this year 2014 has come and is now coming to a close. I must say if so much has changed in just one single year. What might happen this next year? The possibilities are endless. I am so glad that I am celebrating my birthday this year not only with my family and close friends but also with you guys. I love reading your reviews and seeing everyone’s opinion about different books and even seeing different opinions about the same book. I know I have only been blogging for 3 months but I love it and I can’t wait to see where this journey continues to take me and what friendships will develop. I hope you all have a wonderful day. I know I am going to have a great day! Can’t wait until presents and cake time later tonight after everyone gets home from school and work. One last thing as I close out this post. No matter where you are in your life please remember to make the most of it because who knows where you will be in a year from now! Enjoy and Happy Reading!!!

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