Do you ALWAYS read the summary of a book before deciding to read it?

I am probably not tradtional in the way I go about deciding if I am going to read a book or not. I started this blog because I’m seriously curious as to how many of you read the summary on the back of the book before deciding to read it. I don’t. I don’t even open the book up and read the first few pages. I know, Crazy right? I don’t know about you guys but for me it’s like a six sense. When I go out to buy books or if I am just browsing, I walk the aisles and look at the cover ad read the titles. Based on the title and the cover and what I call my sox sense is how I pick my books. If the title or cover speak to me so to say then I pick it up. Sometimes I am not sure about the cover and or the title but something (6 sense) tells me to get it anyways and 99 percent of the time I enjoy the book(s).

Now I’m not talking about something I’m looking forward to being released. Those are different. I either am interested in the series or really like the author or I like what others are saying about the books. I still a lot of times don’t read the summary before reading the book. A lot of the times I will just open the book and start reading.

So now that you guys no I don’t read summaries of the books that I read before hand what about y’all? Do you read the summaries? Or do you have a different approach? I’d love to hear input so let me know!!

4 thoughts on “Do you ALWAYS read the summary of a book before deciding to read it?

  1. I almost always read the summary on the back of a book. I know what I like and reading the summary basically tells me if I will like it. I don’t read the first few pages or first chapter like other people though. I sometimes even read reviews to decide if I want to read a book but usually from a reviewer I really like. Only exception is if its by an author I absolutely adore and would read anything they write.


    1. I like such a wide variety that I think if I read summaries I would want to read everything. I use to read absolutely everything even down to the nutritional charts on cereal boxes and stuff. I read reviews if I’m iffy about a book but then I definitely have a couple authors were I will buy anuthing and everything they publish! Thanks for your input I greatly appreciate it!!


      1. I read just about anything as well including cereal boxes and shampoo labels too! I’ve learned how to pick books that fit for me through the summaries of the book when I have a specific mood I’m into at the time. Thanks for the awesome topic!


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