Do you read the prologues and epilogues of books?

So, I finished one book and went to pick up another to start reading and noticed the second book had a prologue just like the first one did. I started thinking…. “I wonder how many people actually read this or the epilogue. I wonder if people skip it and go right to chapter one and read only until the last chapter only.”

For me it’s like I have ocd when it comes to reading a book. I ALWAYS read the prologues and I ALWAYS read the epilogues. I absolutely have to. I get this really weird feeling if I don’t. Like I missed a part of the book or I missed something important. I feel that authors write the prologues in order to help set up the story. Help set up the era in which the story is taken place or to help give background information on the characters or plot. I feel like authors write the epilogues to help close the story. Help say the end. Fast forward five years in the characters life to see the main character with the same person living happily ever after.

Do you always read the prologues and epilogues of the books you read? Do you feel like you have to or are you ok if you don’t read them? I’m really curious about your answers so please let me know.

3 thoughts on “Do you read the prologues and epilogues of books?

  1. I almost always read the prologue and epilogue too! Some that I have read though I had no idea why they were there :p They didn’t really go with the book or anything just were there which was weird. Only exception is like in classics with “prologue” which is really like a summary of the book and all of the events. I also don’t always read them if its nonfiction!


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