Review: Winds of Skilak by: Bonnie Rose Ward

Winds of Skilak

Author: Bonnie Rose Ward

Release Date: 2013

Publisher: Two Harbors Press

Format: Print Copy

Rating: 3.5 stars!


With that grim sign, Sam and Bonnie Ward arrive at their new home. Leaving behind friends, family, and life as they know it, the Wards embark on a journey into the Alaskan wilderness that will change them forever.

Winds of Skilak traces a young couple’s adventurous move from the suburbs of Ohio to a remote island on ill-tempered Skilak Lake. As Sam and Bonnie adapt to a life without running water, electricity, and telephones, the unforgiving, desolate environment tests their courage early on. Facing sub-freezing temperatures, unfriendly bears, and cabin fever, the Wards find strength in new friends, each other, and the awe-inspiring beauty of “the last frontier.” Just when they finally settle in, a freak accident proves to be the ultimate test of their resolve. Will they be able to survive in this isolated wilderness filled with unseen dangers?

My Thoughts:

I think this book reads in a way like a biography. At times it was slow. However I still really enjoyed it.! I love nature, especially some of the wonderful sights one can see, animals of all kind, but I can’t handle insects, bugs, snakes. The way Bonnie describes the views she has are just beautiful and I feel like I am there seeing them myself. This book makes me want to go to Alaska even more then I already wanted to. I want to see the Northern Lights and the mountains that at first scare Bonnie and then awe her in their beauty. I really like the views and the land she describes. I can’t wait to see those views one day for myself!

I believe if anyone is lacking in faith they should definitely read this book. I have faith in my higher power, but Bonnie… Bonnie has for me that special kind of faith that is definitely hard to find now days. “When one prays for strength, is one handed a weight to carry?” That line in the book spoke to me. It’s like my higher power was again showing me a different way he answers prayers. My answer to that question is Yes, maybe not all the time but when he deems necessary then absolutely. There is so much faith wrapped in this book. So many different times Bonnie prays and so many different ways God answers. God provides us with what we need as long as we try to obtain it ourselves!

The animals in this book are just as equally amazing as the views. I love animals! One of my dreams is to one day open up an animal shelter and take in all the animals who need a home who don’t have one. A no limit, no kill shelter. Every animal, every person, every thing deserves a chance at life no matter what! There are so many animals in this book from: young bull moose, brown bears, rabbits, goats, eagles, chickens, and mink. I am sure there are more but they all play a part in this book whether the animals are food or are there to make food or just happen to be seen.

Final Thoughts:

If you are a nature or animal person, or are needing a book to pick up your faith in a higher power this book is for you. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I know that you will too!

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