Thanks/ TBR

As you all know I just started this blog a few days ago. My goals were/are to get authors and publishers to send me their books in exchange for an honest review. I never expected for my blog to take off like it did. My To Be Read pile is growing. So far I have eight books that I have agreed to read and review. 

Winds of Skilak by: Bonnie Rose Ward

The Scent of a Soul by: Jennifer Thompson

Tecate Peak by: Michael Hudson

The Boy with the Yellow Socks by: J. Swift

Order of Dimensions by: Irene Helenowski

The Monster on Top of My Bed by: Alan H. Jordan

Andee The Aquanaut: Guardian of the Great Seas by: Simon James House

Melt by: Selene Castrovilla

I am excited about all of them and promise to read and review them diligently. I am very thankful to these authors who have allowed me to review their books! They are helping me meet my goals one book at a time and I am so grateful to them for that. I thought it would take me awhile to have this opportunity. Figured I would be leaving reviews for books I have already read (which I will be doing anyways while I read these books) and books that I am looking forward to coming out and reading (which I still will do also). I am grateful that my blog has taken off a lot faster then I thought it would. I just can’t thank you guys enough! So one more time Thank you!!!  

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